List of longest ski jumps 2021

Ski hopping is a colder time of year sport in which competitors contend on distance and style in a leap from a ski bouncing slope. The game has customarily centered around a mix of style and distance, and it was in this way early seen as immaterial in numerous milieus to have the longest jump.[1] The International Ski Federation (Fédération Internationale de Ski; FIS) has generally been against the swelling in slope sizes and establishing of distance standards, and no world records have been set at Olympic, World Championship, Holmenkollen Ski Festival or Four Hills Tournament occasions, as these have never been among the biggest slopes on the planet. tremplin-numerique

Since 1936, when the main leap past 100 meters (330 ft) was made, all world records in the game have been made in the control of ski flying, a branch of ski bouncing utilizing bigger slopes where distance is expressly underscored. As of March 2017, the authority world record for the longest ski hop is 253.5 m (832 ft), set by Stefan Kraft at Vikersundbakken in Vikersund, Norway. Two years earlier, additionally in Vikersund, Dmitry Vassiliev arrived at 254 m (833 ft) yet fell after handling; his leap is informally the longest ever made.[2]Ski bouncing began in Norway, and has been polished since days of yore, utilizing hand tailored brief hills.[3] The primary record is credited to Olaf Rye, a Norwegian-Danish trooper, who set up a show spectated by his kindred officers in 1808, on an extemporized hand tailored slope, arriving at 9.4 meters (15 alen) in Eidsberg, Norway. This little slope was likely close to Eidsberg church, conceivably at the homestead Lekum.[4]

Sondre Norheim, credited as the ‘father’ of present day skiing,[5] made the subsequent authority record at 19.5 meters (64 ft) in 1868. Tim Ashburn says in his book The History of Ski Jumping that Norheim’s longest leap on the roundabout track in Haugli ground in 1868 ought to have been estimated at 9.4 meters alen[6] however that papers in Christiania announced that the length “was somewhat overstated”, so the authority record is wherever composed as 19.5 m.


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