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Robin Rönnquist (conceived 12 August 1993), also called flusha, is a Swedish expert Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He recently played for groups, for example, fnatic and Cloud9. flusha has won 3 CS:GO majors: Dreamhack Winter 2013, ESL One Katowice 2015 and ESL One Cologne 2015.  boostcsgo


1 Professional profession

1.1 Counter-Strike 1.6

1.2 Early Years in CS:GO

1.3 2013 with fnatic

1.3.1 Dreamhack Bucharest 2013

1.3.2 DreamHack Winter 2013

1.4 2014

1.4.1 Cheating Allegations

1.4.2 Dreamhack Winter 2014

1.5 2015

1.6 2016/2017

1.7 2018-present

2 Notable Results

3 References

4 External connections

Proficient profession

As of September 2019, flusha has won $748,418.95 from tournaments.[citation needed]

Counter-Strike 1.6

flusha began playing Counter-Strike expertly in 2011. His group qualified, for Dreamhack Winter 2011, however wound up leaving out in the gathering stage. His groups didn’t meet all requirements for some other critical occasions in 1.6.[1]

Early Years in CS:GO

Subsequent to changing to CS:GO, flusha meandered around numerous Swedish groups, including Epsilon eSports and Western Wolves. flusha was a piece of the first setup which crushed Ninjas in Quite a while (Nip), the predominant group at that point, in an online match.[2] flusha’s group built up a standing of being “onliners,” a derogative term used to portray groups which perform preferable in online matches over ones out of a LAN climate (LANs are utilized to depict competitions where players play in a similar structure against one another). In March 2013, the group flusha was on at that point, Epsilon was excluded RaidCall EMS One #1 after one of his partners, Jerry “xelos” Råberg was discovered to be cheating.[3] Epsilon completed second at Dreamhack Summer 2013, putting behind Nip. The group was before long dropped, even after this outcome. They wound up being endorsed by fnatic, an association which has generally been behind the top Swedish rosters.[2]

2013 with fnatic

Dreamhack Bucharest 2013

At DreamHack Bucharest 2013, fnatic beat Nip in a gathering stage match. The competition administrators had the match played in a MR5 design, which means each group will play 5 rounds as each side (Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist), and the group which arrives at 6 dominates the extra time game. In the event that it’s tied 5-5, another round of sudden death rounds start. As indicated by DreamHack rules, the match ought to have been played in a MR3 sudden death round design, where each group plays 3 adjusts a side. Nip whined to the coordinators, and DreamHack requested the sudden death round to be replayed, with fnatic up 2-1 from the initial 3 rounds of the MR5 they played previously. fnatic dominated the game, however a short time later, they wouldn’t warmly greet Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, and offended Nip. flusha didn’t partake in the affronts, and fnatic later apologized for the incident.[4][5][6]

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