At the point when you’re set, erase the first guide picture by tapping on it and squeezing the erase key.

Hosting a get-together and need to remember a guide for your solicitations to help guarantee your visitors show up on schedule and securely? While GPS (Global Positioning System) frameworks and online locales like Yahoo! Guides, Google Maps, and MapQuest make getting from direct A toward point B a breeze, including an exquisite, cleaned up map gives a valued accommodation, but at the same time is an ideal commendation to your solicitations. They can be specially requested or you can make them yourself.

Here is one technique for making your own guide for two areas like a wedding function and gathering:

With the locations of the wedding and gathering, go to Yahoo! Guides and enter the service address as point An and the gathering address as point B.

Snap Go. Ensure your guide is focused the manner in which you need it.

Snap Printable Version.

Snap Map Only in the new open window.

Right snap the guide and snap on save picture as. Save the guide to your PC.

Open PowerPoint and clear out a slide to deal with.

Go to Insert>picture>from File and select the guide you saved.

Follow the critical pieces of the guide you need on your guide. On the base toolbar, click on AutoShapes>Lines>Freeform. Presently you have your following device. Change the thickness of the line by tapping on the symbol Line Style (the symbol with the lines with various thicknesses). A two-and-one-quarter-point line functions admirably. Start at the edge of the guide framework and follow the layout of the guide until you need to bend at that point click your mouse. Keep on following until you need to bend again then snap the mouse. You can click however many occasions depending on the situation for a more exact follow.

Follow significant roads utilizing a similar Freeform line and a marginally more slender point Line Style (1 point for significant roads and three-quarter point for more modest roads).

At the point when you’re set, erase the first guide picture by tapping on it and squeezing the erase key.

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