Mast Boom Lifts

Mast boom lifts (also known as ‘stick booms’) are a type of aerial work platform with a fixed arm, or mast, which can be extended to provide access to high areas via a work platform. The outreach and capacity of mast booms varies between manufacturer and type.

Choosing between a scissor lift and a boom lift depends on the requirements of your job, such as the space you have to work in and the outreach and manoeuvrability you need. A mast boom is a great powered access option as it sits somewhere between a scissor lift and an articulated boom lift.

It’s important to choose an aerial work masterracksbd platform that suits your needs correctly, but you also don’t want to pay for an expensive machine that is not entirely essential. A mast boom is appropriate for many different jobs, as it provides a good outreach and versatility.

Mast booms have a telescopic mast which provides access to your desired working height and they often have very compact dimensions, which means they can work in small spaces. Mast booms also have a slewing capability of 180 degrees or more. A scissor lift, in comparison, can not move horizontally (unless you move the entire platform), and may not provide the same access when you need to reach ‘up and over’ and obstacle. Articulated boom lifts are slightly different in that they have arms that hinge, and so provide a more flexible way of accessing different areas. All these different types of aerial platform have their own benefits and should be chosen for their attributes in relation to the job at hand.

Mast booms are often seen as a niche product, despite being around for over 20 years, and providing the same access as many of the same jobs as other platforms, including:

Electrical work
Maintenance and repairs
Working heights of mast booms can extend up to a massive 135m, and can provide large outreaches for dealing with tricky access issues. These large booms are generally powered by diesel. Though scissor lifts are most commonly used for access in many industries, boom lifts can be even more versatile and provide additional reach and access that scissor lifts cannot.

All types of aerial work platform can be rented as well as bought, and this can be a cost-effective option if your needs are only temporary. Used boom lifts and other powered access machines are another way to save money, though check carefully that the model you are purchasing has been fully refurbished and preferably comes with a warranty.

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