Irish Number Plates – A Popular Alternative

It is because personalised number plates have become so hugely popular that the availability of Northern Irish registration plates has come under the radar of those looking to get exactly the plate they want or those with a shrewd eye on the prices that some popular number plate combinations sell for. The surge in interest in buying private plates in the UK in recent years has meant that many of the most popular lettering and numbering combinations are simply not available any more. bazinga There are only so many times you can rework letters and numbers to try to fit your name or favourite football team. If your choice is not available or the current owner is not willing to sell (or is asking a price beyond your means), then looking across the water to the Irish market may provide you with what you need.

The use of the lettering and numbering on the plates is one of the main differences in Irish number plates as compared to those in the mainland UK. They have a format of up to four numbers preceded by three letters. Irish plates also include Z and I which are not used on mainland UK; given the versatility of the vowel I and the potential for the colloquial use of the letter Z, a whole new set of combinations becomes possible with the Irish system. HIL or WIL or BAZ or MAZ and a number of other name options open up just to start.

Another feature of the Irish system is that the number plates are classified as dateless and can be put on any vehicle regardless of age. So in theory it is possible to mask the age of your vehicle one way or another with an Irish plate, perhaps giving a classic car look to a newer vehicle. Given that one of the reasons that you may be looking for a personalised plate is to spice up an already attractive car, then you may find options to think about with this feature.

In common with the UK market, where there have been some amazing valuations of personalised number plates, the Irish market also offers investment opportunities for those with an eye for what could be popular. There have already been sales in the hundreds of thousands for the hardest to get plates such as BIG 1.

In general, though, Irish plates are cheaper than in the UK even after the administrative process of transferring the plates to a DVLA registered vehicle. The simplest way to search for, buy and transfer an Irish registration plate is through a car number plate dealer who will be able to handle all the details for you.

Jayne Henry of Speedy Registrations Ltd – Speedy Registrations have been supplying number plates to the public since 1984. Based in Northern Ireland we also specialise in irish number plates. They aim to provide a choice of personalised number plates to meet all requirements; and pride ourselves in our highly competitive prices, matched equally by our professional customer care service. Every transfer is conducted in strict accordance with DVLA regulations covering number plates.
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