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We live in a modest, 1600 sq. ft. 3 bedroom ranch on 3 acres in the country. My two daughters shared one bedroom, my two boys shared another bedroom. Now we use one of the rooms as an office.

We do not rent studio space. We built our 800 sq ft studio from the remnants of a 1910 house that we helped dismantle. We used family and friends to get the roof on, build the 10 ft. walls, brick the foundation and lay the old pine flooring. There is ample room to work, hold classes or retreats and store the huge amount of supplies we tend to need. We re-purpose what we can and purchase often from Habitat for Humanity and sellers on Craigslist. There are bargains to be had if you search.

For additional workspace and storage, we added a 2 story shop behind the house and studio and several storage buildings. We fenced in the property to allow our four legged friends to run loose. We have gardens, old roses, brick pathways and an abundance of shade trees, fruit trees, water feature and growth for birds. Our modest dwelling offers us privacy, enjoyment and an oasis from the competitive world of earning a living.

We are virtually debt free. Our 3 vehicles are paid off. We have a 2006 Ford van for the shows that we bought used in 2007 and an old Honda CRV for running around. We made a choice in 2008 to dump our needy and expense laden BMW’s and purchased a new Honda FIT just before the gas prices skyrocketed. Our 5 year calculations show that we have saved many thousands in gas and car repairs by such a move.

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