Affiliate Marketing – Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Affiliate marketing has been in existence for quite a long time, the industry has been impressive since theĀ  robottogelĀ advent of new frontiers on the internet. Affiliate marketing has come under intense pressures from the online communities especially the individuals who are looking for ways to earn extra income.

Today there are hundreds of affiliate networks on the internet, from Pepperjam, to ClickBank, ClickBooth, name it there are every where posing different commission rates to attract individuals and the likes to making impressive figures at your face. But the truth is can this network marketing is the real deal. We need to ask ourselves, what affiliate marketing is all about.

Companies who are looking out for individuals that can stand on their behalf to market their products and services, more like middle men are then given a fair share of whatever is being made, you could call it a commission, the beauty about this is that someone gets paid, either way you are smiling to the bank. In choosing a network one must be careful not to fall prey to an affiliate program that will not fulfill its on part of the deal, to be honest they are several, hundreds of such programs out there, but if you ask my opinion on the best I would say ClickBank and Pepperjam have both fulfilled their part of the deal; The former offers commission of between 50%-75% of the products offered, most of what is being offered has to do with ebooks and software. It’s a nice place to play around with; outside this one can register his or her products on this website.

Here’s an advice or two I would like to share with you on picking the right partner Never follow the crowd if there are in a place where there is so much competition, If I were you I won’t bother my head marketing weight loss programs, fashion trends, look out for low competing products or services that don’t have so much competition, it will go a long way for you, and you are sure in making profits from this as well.

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