Would Getting A Wig Or Supplemental Hair Give

I sometimes hear from people who suspect that it is now time to go wig shopping because telogen effluvium has caused so much shedding that they no longer have confidence about their hair. So, many figure that at least if they had a nice wig, they could look in the mirror and see a decent head of hair regardless of what their actual hair looked like.

I heard from someone who said: latierrademisamores “I have had telogen effluvium for just over a year. I think that my hair looks sick. I feel ill every time I have to look in the mirror. I am considering buying a wig. I feel like this might make me feel a little better about my situation. I am so tired of looking down at my clothes and seeing tons of shed hairs. At least with a wig, my shedding and ugly hair will be kept under wraps. Am I right about this?”

Unfortunately, this was a decision that only she could make. But, I could and did tell her about my own experience with a wig and can also share some insights from my blog. In my own experience, it got to the point where I decided that I should have a wig for back up. My worst fear was having a massive shed that showed huge amounts of scalp and being unable to cover it up. So, I set out to get a really nice wig that I could be proud to wear. Unfortunately, I was too embarrassed to do this in person so I ordered one online. I did a lot of research and the wig wasn’t cheap. The photos of it were beautiful. But, it wasn’t a perfect fit and when I wore it, I felt very self conscious that every one knew that it was not my real hair. I probably would have gotten used to it eventually but my husband told me that my real hair looked better than the wig. He told me that my own hair was not nearly as bad as I thought and that no one probably noticed anything horribly wrong with my real hair whereas they may have noticed the wig. From that point on, I placed my focus on healing my scalp and hair. And I think this was the right call for me, but knowing that I had the wig in my closet if I needed it did make me feel better.

And I think that if I had actually gone to a very nice wig shop and had the wig fitted and colored, I likely would have had a better result. I’ve had people send me photos that look very much like beautiful, real hair when they are not. So I believe that if you take the time to go and find the wig that is the best fit for you, then you could have a very good result.

I’d like to make one final point though. Wigs do shed. Even high quality wigs shed hairs. It was my belief that once I went to a wig, I would be free of the shed hairs on my clothing and in my brush. But this wasn’t the case. Yes, because I wore a stocking over my real hair,this did keep my own shedding strands from getting on my clothing. However, the wig’s hair sheds out some also.

So to answer the question posed, I know that wigs do give many people more confidence when they have this type of shedding. Because you know that you don’t have to rely upon your real hair to look nice. But, I highly recommend taking the time and saving the money to get a high quality wig that has been fitted and colored by a professional. It truly does make a difference in my opinion. And even if you are shopping for wigs, I don’t think that you should give up on your hair. You never know when an improvement is right around the corner. And you don’t know if your experience right now will only be temporary.

I don’t regret buying a wig. But I wish I’d had it professionally ordered. Thankfully, this mistake has never come back to haunt me because I was able to encourage regrowth and recovery with my real hair. If it helps, you can read that story a


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