Making Money Online: Truth Revealed

So you’ve probably been wondering how to make money online either as the main source of your income or to supplement your current income. In either case if you’re like me and have felt like you’ve been burned, scammed, or taken advantage of you’ll want to keep reading. The truth is that yes you can make money online but you’re going to need to know things that most people don’t know, or have no clue what to start looking for.

Tom Petty sung it best in The Last DJ, “How much ya gonna pay for what you used to get for free?” And a lot of people selling how to make money online products are doing just that. You come into this online marketing world with no knowledge of how this stuff works or where to even get the tools to help you much less figure out where to get these tools for free. And that’s where they get you. Now is that is scam? That’s debatable but I personally feel that it’s about as ethical as credit card companies printing their contracts, your rights, interest rate changes, i.e. the really important stuff that if you knew about it you would never sign that contract in a million years, in font that’s so small that I’m not even sure Microsoft Word has that font size available. And then they put the Click Here or Sign Here in big vibrant letters and the contract in boring black and white font.

Most of what these make money online sellers are promoting things you can find for free in a Google search but you gotta know what you’re looking for. For example Google has a program called AdWords that’s free. Just type it in on Google and you’ll see a link for it or simply do a Google search for “keywords” or “how often words are searched for” or “keyword search” and you’ll find pages that are free and all you have to do is type in a word or phrase and you’ll see how often the word gets searched for and how much competition there is for that word or phrase.

For example, on Google’s AdWords the phrase “home brew” gets about 1.5 million searches globally and about 450,000 locally and the competition for this phrase, i.e. how many websites there are for it, is pretty low as indicated by a status bar that says competition near the top of the page and there is a small sliver on the status bar indicating low competition. I use this to promote a home brewing kit.

The next thing you’ll need is to find products to promote. ClickBank is a great place to start and it’s free to join and promote products. What they do is show you how often the product gets bought, viewed, etc. and if you decide to promote a product they give you what’s called a “hop link.” What this hop link does is it creates an ID for you that is unique only to you so that if someone clicks on it they will be taken to the vendor’s website and if they buy you get a commission.

Commissions on ClickBank are nice and run from 10% to 75% or greater. Now there are other vendor sites like ClickBank and you’ll have to do a Google search for them but once you find out what ClickBank is all about it won’t take much thought to get an idea of what you’re looking for.

The next thing you’ll need is traffic and lots of it. Simply put you cannot survive online marketing without traffic and preferably lots of it. So how do you get that? You need to get your product or your link onto a top rated website. Google for example gives ratings of 1 to 10 for websites that draw traffic and demonstrate that they have what people are looking for when they search for specific things. It may take a while for a solo web page to get a ten or it might not there’s no way to really tell for sure. But what you can do is find top rated sites either by a Google search or just type in the word or phrase you’re using and look at the first 10 to 20 links that show up.

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