Choosing the Best Corner Computer Desks

Corners tend to be the most underused space in any room. In a small home, no space should be wasted. A corner computer desk is a great way to turn an unused corner of your house into a usable space as a home office. No matter how small the corner you have available there will be a desk that will fit the spot. There are so many types of corner desks, so researching the different types and functions to find the best corner computer desks for you needs is important!

A computer desk does not have to be an awkward eye sore in your home. Small, well styled wooden computer desks with a simple drawer or two will fit into the tightest spots in a kitchen, dining room or guest room. For a family computer or laptop desk that will not need a lot of desk space for papers and books a very small desk in an unused corner will be perfect. In a guest room, a nice computer desk can also function as a end table or lamp stand.

For a more involved home office with lots of desk space without using up lots of floor space, look for a “L” shaped desk. These longer desks face the corner and expand to the left and the right along the walls of the room. For more desk space add extensions to the sides, which are easily accessible with a wheeled computer chair. For extra storage for books or papers in a tight spots where floor space is hard to find, go vertical instead! Corner desks have more stability than rectangular desks which allows for higher shelves.

Besides the great use of space, corner desks have several other selling points. While facing a window with a nice view may be soothing, a pretty view of your yard will be a distractions. So if your goal is to focus on work (or homework), facing a corner gives you nothing else to do but get your work done. You will probably still daydream, but adding a view will only make it worse. A corner desk will also keep everything on your desk close at hand. A quick push of a wheeled computer chair can put the printer to the right and the scanner to the left within reach.


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