Warhammer Online Strategies and Leveling Guides

n the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning world, you are expected to fight an overwhelming number of creatures, sentient or not, and at the same time, fight with other aggressive players. While doing this, you are also required to fulfill some quests that you accepted. How do you keep track of all these going ons in your character’s life? Warhammer Online’s answer to this comes in the form of the Tome of Knowledge, the object that keeps track of your character’s achievements, failures, types of kills, ongoing or completed quests, etc. top up online Not only does the Tome of Knowledge keep track of all your character’s actions, it also gives you quests that are known as Top WAR Online Tome Quests Guide. This means that the Tome of Knowledge is not just a log book, as are most of the “tomes” in other MMORPGs, but it is also a source, if not a quest, in itself.

While playing Warhammer Online, you might notice in your Tome of Knowledge some quests that you don’t remember accepting. These are quests that come from the tome itself. If you are in the process of completing what you think is an important quest, you don’t need to worry. Warhammer online tome quests are all purely optional. If you don’t keel like killing 100 Squigs, or getting 10 Bear’s hides, then you don’t have to do so. However, this also eliminates the chance of you getting the reward from the tome quest. Clue: Some of these rewards are not only valuable, but may come in handy in your future quests. Consider your Tome of Knowledge a sort of oracle in this case.

As I mentioned earlier, your Tome of Knowledge is not just a log book. It can give you a quest at any time, and whatever you do might turn out to be something that will give you a reward in the future. For example, if you are keen on exploring the Warhammer world and killing creatures along the way, you will see all of this information in your Tome of Knowledge. Later on, you will find out that one of your online tome quests is to kill the specific creatures you have killed in your explorations. You do not need to go back and do so, because everything has been recorded on your Tome of Knowledge and it would just give you your just reward. It is in this way that the Tome of Knowledge is more than just your average MMORPG log book.

Just remember that your Tome keeps note of everything that you do. It will also be an unending source of rewards for you as you keep on moving through the game and killing creatures. As I mentioned earlier, it is in itself, a quest. The more you do in the game, the more the Tome of Knowledge will reward you with titles or items. So remember to check out you Top WAR Online Tome Quests Guide once in a while and complete the quests there. You’ll never know what great reward you will get.

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