Fears, Hopes, Needs, Priorities, Actions!: How Will We Proceed?

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Many surveys, polls, and other studies, indicate, we are currently, experiencing, one of the darkest – periods, in recent memory, because of a variety of obstacles, attitudes, rhetoric/ vitriol, and the tendency, of many, to deny reality, and, follow our personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than focusing on the common good! Our future, and, perhaps, destiny, will be based upon, whether we pay more attention to our fears, hopes domowyogrod , needs, priorities, and/ or, actions! How this nation, proceeds, into the future, will have significant ramifications, into the future! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what each of these, means and represents, and the probable impacts, ramifications, of each.

1. Fears: President Roosevelt, famously, stated, We have nothing to fear, but fear, itself. However, if, we permit, those things, which we are afraid of, to make us stronger, etc, instead of procrastinating, we will address those things, which concern us (or, should), proactively, create a well – developed, strategic plan, and perceive and conceive of, create, develop, implement, and proceed, with meaningful, well – considered, action planning!

2. Hopes: When Donald Trump, decided to emphasize the slogan, Make America Great Again, it had the impact of enabling those, who felt, they were passed – by, too look back, instead of ahead! This has created, many people, who seem to resent progress, and, want to bring – back, their perception of the Good – Old – Days! Doesn’t it make sense, if we proceeded, forward, in a well – considered, relevant, sustainable way, the nation, our citizens, and this planet, would benefit?

3. Needs: Will we select leaders, who emphasize the needs of the nation, and citizens, or, some, who do so, selectively, and, favor their core supporters, etc? If they don’t emphasize, quality planning, to address present, and future needs, in a realistic manner, we will never be, as great, as we should!

4. Priorities: How will our elected officials, address our actual priorities, in the best, possible, way? What should we focus on, and, what will happen, if we don’t emphasize, real challenges, such as protecting our environment (clean air, and water), preparing for Climate Change (proactively), human rights, and insisting, this nation, continues to be the voice of freedom, etc, into the future?

5. Actions: Unless/ until, ideas, goals, etc, progress, forward, and a leader is ready, willing, and able, to transform, ideas, to meaningful action, our public officials, will fail us, in essential, significant ways!

How will America, proceed, into the future, and why? At this point, in – time, our challenges, will either, make us better, and stronger, or,

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