Counting the Quran

There has been a ton of viciousness executed by Islamic disciples. Along these lines, I decided to peruse the Quran to check whether the Islamic blessed book remembered any content for help of this savagery. There are four essential things I saw as I read through the Quran. These are:

I could discover almost no genuine importance in the works of the Quran.

Practically 50% of it is retellings of Old Testament stories credited to “Allah.”

It is profoundly tedious.

There are extremely, not many notices of adoration and harmony.

After my first perusing, I chose to make a plunge a subsequent time and check a portion of the expressions I saw drearily. There was one expression I didn’t check during the second perusing that all things considered I wish I had, yet I’m not very enthusiastic about perusing the Quran a third time just to get this tally. The expressions I left out were various forms of “dreading Allah.” It’s referenced various occasions, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea the number of.

One thing to specify prior to getting into the real check. I decided to utilize a more established interpretation by M.H. Shakir from 1986. I picked this since I figured it very well may be a more precise interpretation. I figured it very well may be conceivable that new interpretations may be “mellowed” a touch for Westerners with numerous individuals having some revenue in studying Islam. I don’t have the foggiest idea how well known this interpretation was at that point, or if it’s actually understood today, however I’m sensibly sure that this interpretation mirrors the genuine purpose and significance of the Quran. There were 424 pages to this form, and 114 “parts,” or “surahs.”

The checks that follow are in all likelihood estimated, as opposed to correct. I may have missed a couple anywhere, and on occasion I consolidated consecutive sentences into one check with the “discipline” tally since it came up so frequently. Here are the expressions and checks:

Things “Allah” loves 21

Any notice of harmony: 26

Discipline from “Allah”: 538

“Allah” is gainful/pardoning/forgiving: 346

Adherents will be remunerated: 192

(a big part of those prizes include “Nurseries”)

Things “Allah” wrecked: 67

“Allah” authorized battling/murdering of unbelievers: 34

Notices of requital or counter: 18

Things “Allah” abhors: 12

What’s more, a considerable lot of the things that the extremists are doing are surely referenced straightforwardly in the Quran -, for example, executing non-adherents. You can arrive at whatever resolution you wish to, yet numerically the notices of discipline from “Allah” are more than twenty times more various than notices of harmony. Religion of harmony, or religion of discipline? You choose

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