Effective Website Sales Funnels

How many different marketing campaigns do you have for your main offering? One? Three? Ten? More? How many different potential audiences have you identified for each of these campaigns? One? Three? Ten? More? How many test versions of each combination of specific marketing activity and landing page do you have running? One? Three? Ten? More? In order to reach maximum effectiveness I would like to suggest you consider having a separate strategically designed landing page on your website for each combination of the above. So, if you have three marketing campaigns, each with three identified target audiences and you prefer to split test three versions of each combination I am suggesting that your maximum effectiveness may be reached by having 27 separate landing pages.

Does that sound like too many? thiết kế landing page sáng tạo Why? You are in this to make serious money, right? You want the resources you expend on your marketing activities to produce the best possible results, right? In a well designed and executed marketing strategy and sales funnel combination you will be constantly developing new campaigns, targeted at new audiences and adjusting the variables (of which the content of your landing pages is one of the big ones). In the end, the smart money is going to keep the specific combinations of marketing activity, target audience and landing page that produce the results you are looking for and stop using the combinations that do not produce. Why would you want to limit your effectiveness by doggedly sticking with one generic landing page?

Let me step out of the flow of this article for a moment to address a couple of comments I hear all the time. One of those is that the big companies do not do things this way. The other is that many new marketers seem to fear the marketing channels are already saturated, especially in the “work from home” category. As far as the first concern, the big companies have huge budgets. They can afford to fish in the big ponds with huge campaigns designed to try to talk to everyone and find the people they are looking for more or less by chance. You do not have a budget like that and cannot afford to flood the marketing channels with your message in the hopes some of your potential customers will see your message.

You have to consciously and up front figure out how to reach those people directly and then hold their attention to get them into your sales funnel. Your resources simply will not hold up to the massive inefficiencies inherent in mainstream traditional advertising. How about the saturation question? Again, the big players have the resources to flood channels with their message. However, even they cannot flood every conceivable channel with their message. If you are working a specific and well defined group of people with a very targeted message you are far more likely to be able to find your own little world in which to speak to your prospects. The possibilities and iterations inherent in the marketing and landing page philosophy being presented in this article are virtually limitless. This is aimed at helping you find your own voice to your own audience so you can stand apart from the piles of messages already out there.

Okay, back to the main feature…you have your well defined audience and an ad or other marketing activity that generates visitors who are potentially genuinely interested in what you have to offer to them. Now, take the time to make sure the specific landing page you are sending them to is speaking directly to the vast majority of the people who would be arriving along this specific marketing path. Since it is highly unlikely that your offering only has potential in one narrowly defined group of people it only makes sense that you should be using a whole array of landing pages. You should be using many landing pages each of which is perfectly matched to each of your potential groups of prospects.

In my experience it is well worth the effort to do all this and to use a good fine tuning process on each landing page so it produces the result you want from your visitors. In the sales funnel marketing approach the job of the landing page is to weed out some of the tire kickers and get the rest to take some further action that gets them through the front door of your sales funnel. Now you can continue to communicate with a group of people that are even more well defined (your landing page qualified your visitors and got rid of the ones not ready to hear your message) and even more interested (your landing page required them to take some action that removes those who are in your group but not even close to ready to act). Your ongoing sales message can be so well targeted at this point each visitor might start believing you are speaking directly to them. Do yourself and your potential customers a favor and take the time up front to make sure you are delivering the right message to the right people in the right way at the right time. I am suggesting to you that I believe it is not possible to do all that well with only one landing page on your website.

What about those of you (and this will be most of you no doubt) who are involved with an established network marketing type company and they are supplying you with your website tools, including the landing page and sales funnel. If you want to get your prospects into your parent company’s sales funnel you have to use their landing page, right? Nope. You can still use well targeted marketing activities and you can still use your own well targeted landing pages. In this environment your landing page has a new role. Now, it is serving as a transition point so that your well targeted audience and well targeted message can be gently transformed to match up with the landing page of your parent company’s sales funnel. Your prospects will now get to that page seeing exactly how its message applies to them personally rather than relying on the generic message that is there now to do that job…and most do not do it well. Remember, you can always split test between your landing page transitional strategy and sending people directly to their landing page. After all, initially theirs is probably far better tested than yours! Using this method you have better potential to surpass their generic approach but when you are first starting out you will need to test against their baseline or you will not know if you are truly doing any better than their generic page with your more targeted and well transitioned efforts.

Last, I want to leave you with a friendly warning. If I have done the job I intended with this article I have inspired a whole chain of new thinking or helped you to further develop some thoughts you already had regarding your marketing efforts. If you choose to agree with the approach discussed in this article do not bog yourself down in designing every landing page targeted at every audience group you can imagine your main offering appealing to. You will never get started and you will spread yourself too thin to be effective. Work with the groups that you already understand well and know how to speak to. You can always expand your knowledge over time but start with what you know best. Be kind and give yourself that edge in the beginning to maximize your chances to experience early success while keeping your workload under control and well focused.

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