Teddy’s Strange Problem – Short Story

Little Sammy rushed through his homework so that he could play with his toys. Teddy was his favorite – and his car, hat, toolbox, Rubik’s cube, and spinning top. When Teddy wanted to go to work, he would take the toolbox, wear the hat, sit in the car with the top and Rubik’s cube in the toy case on one seat of the car and ride until he got to the place he was going. He would carefully select the place he would sit at the whole day and work on the customer‘s shoes. When there was no work, he would twist and turn the Rubik’s cube until all the multicolored squares were neatly ordered and all the squares on each face were of the same color. He was often thrilled to get it all right. “Wow!” He would scream with excitement. The top was also a delightful toy.

He would often film the top as it rotated several times without stopping for a long long time and watch the replay. He was very proud of his skill at everything he did. But Teddy faced a strange problem.
He could not smile-due to the fact that his face was fixed and his expression unchangeable. Real strange problem for a toy – so Teddy told Sammy one day, “I am tired of looking one way all the time. I too want to express myself. When I feel happy, I want to be able to smile and show my teeth,” he said.

“That’s easy,” said Sammy and took a pencil and marked off a smile, even a grimace but Teddy was unhappy. “You have ruined my face!” he yelled as he looked in the mirror.

“What do you want me to do then? Let me think. Use pieces of chalk as teeth?”

“Nay, that’s worse. They won’t look elegant as I want it to,” retorted Teddy.

“Maybe stick pieces of white paper for teeth?”


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