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In Forex affiliate marketing, in general you often need to give your affiliate marketing efforts a push. If you are an affiliate promoting Forex, you need to move beyond the usual banners and text links. This is where Forex webmaster tools come into play in order to give your efforts that much needed push.

Why Forex webmaster tools?

Simply because they engage the audience/site traffic and also help in influencing the prospective visitor justmyfitness to convert to a Forex trader. We take a brief look into the most widely available Forex webmaster tools which are easy for you to implement.

Live Currency Rates: This is usually a flash or a java module with an easy to use cut and paste code to get it working on your website. This graphic tool is a good way to offer the present currency rates in real-time. You can choose between the currency pairs you wish to keep a tab on or think is relevant to the market/region you are promoting to. The chart looks great, especially when the rates change and does it’s bit to not only keep the visitor occupied but also help in Forex trader conversions.

Currency Charts: There are many of these available. The candlestick charts are one of the most popular type of analysis and Forex traders would often be interested in this module. The currency chart however isn’t a tool to attract new Forex traders but is more targeted towards the seasoned trader and gives you a good opportunity to influence the visitor to switching to a different Forex trading platform.

Live Indices: The live index is a very informative tool that helps you to keep tab on the world indices and gives a brief insight into the trading patterns. This is again often helpful to convert both new and seasoned Forex traders.

Currency Convertor: One of the most basic interactive tool that one could get for their website, dealing with Forex trading. Although given how common this tool is available, you won’t get much leverage by having this module on your website but at times it helps the visitor stay on your site.
Most Forex webmaster programs offer such tools for you to promote. We recommend the following Forex webmaster programs that gives the Forex webmaster the option to use such interactive tools.

o eToro: Virtual Salesperson, Traders Challenge leaderboard, Currency Pairs, Market News, Popular Trade, Forex Charts and Economic Calendar.

o Affiliateyard: Quotes/Charts, Economic Calendars

o ReferForex: Live Currency rates, Pivot Calculator.

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