10 Best Indonesian Web Hosting 2022

10 Best Indonesian Web Hosting 2022

Beckmanprinting.com – Building a professional website takes a lot of effort. When you have finished building a website, of course you want the website to be known and accessed by people. Therefore, you need the best hosting.

It is known, the existence of a website is important for agencies, companies, organizations or individuals. The website can be a place to introduce or promote products, works, portfolios, services, skills, and talents to improve the brand.

Therefore, if you want to be serious about building a professional website, the main thing that first needs to be done is to use the best hosting from a professional web hosting service provider.

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website files to the internet. So, anyone with internet access, can then access your website.

Web hosting also makes it easier for your website to appear in Google searches when internet users want to search for your site. Apart from that, web hosting will also help keep your site safe.

Also, keep in mind that websites that use hosting will be stored on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type the address of your website or domain into their browser.

After that, their computer will connect to your server and your web page will be sent to them via your browser. Therefore, make sure you use the best Indonesian hosting.

To get the best web hosting, you can use a web hosting service provider. This service provides the technology and services necessary to make a website or web page viewable on the Internet.

Here are the 10 Best Indonesian Web Hosting

Well, for those of you who are building a website and want your site to be accessible by Google searches, consider the following recommendations for the 10 best Indonesian web hosting for your website.


Niagahoster is one of the best web hosting providers in Indonesia. His name began to air since 2014. Since then, Niagahoster has continued to spread its wings until it is able to be known in various circles.

Niagahoster itself is part of the Hostinger Group, an international hosting company that successfully handles around 500 servers in the world. Hostinger Group is known to have an excellent track record. So, it’s no wonder that at the beginning of its appearance, Niagahoster immediately attracted many fans.

Niagahoster is able to grow rapidly with 52,000+ customers. In fact, Niagahoster has succeeded in occupying the #3 position with the most users in Indonesia in 2020. In addition, Niagahoster has always succeeded in being included in the #top5 list by most of the Indonesian web hosting reviewers.

For those who have previously used Niagahoster’s services, they will immediately notice a number of advantages as described below. However, for those who are newbies in the world of websites or are not familiar with web hosting services, then it is worth taking a look at some of the advantages of Niagahoster as follows.

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High Speed ​​Page Load Time

In addition to requiring a reliable hosting server, a fast hosting server is also needed in building a website. What’s more, now one of the criteria for Google’s algorithm system is having a website loading speed.

Now, Niagahoster is included in the criteria as a hosting server with a high-speed page load time, which reaches 0.473 seconds–0.880 seconds. In fact, being the best compared to other hosting servers in Indonesia.

Stable Uptime

In line with the increasing competition among hosting service providers, now most web hosting providers offer uptime guarantees. In fact, the guarantee offered is unmitigated, namely with a 100% guarantee.

However, this is not followed by accurate data about the average uptime per month, of course it raises doubts for customers. However, it is different from Niagahoster, which offers a 99.98% uptime guarantee.

Although it doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee, in fact Niagahoster is able to make the overall provider’s uptime stable, which is exactly what it promised.

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Able to Withstand Visitor Explosion

Keep in mind, the hosting provider has an important role to keep the server load balanced. Therefore, load impact will measure the response of the server, especially when it receives a lot of load. Ideally, even though the number of visitors is increasing rapidly, the web speed should still be stable.

It is proven that Niagahoster is able to withstand the explosion of visitors. When compared to other hosting providers, it can be said that Niagahoster is the hosting provider with the highest level of stability.

More Friendly Dashboard Display

It is known, almost all hosting providers still use WHMCS dashboard display. Unlike the case with Niagahoster, where the dashboard display is more friendly and easy to navigate. Interestingly, Niagahoster offers WordPress Management features, to pamper customers.

With this feature, Niagahoster web hosting customers can do many things for the WordPress-based website.

The examples are: automatic login, WordPress version upgrade, force HTTPS, install WordPress, speed test, backup and restore, clone WordPress website, create web staging, quto update WordPress, and delete WordPress.

In addition to the advantages mentioned in the points above, Niagahoster also has other advantages, such as: offering a variety of hosting packages, available video tutorials, free domains, and free switching hosting.


Idcloudhost merupakan perusahaan penyedia web hosting yang berdiri tahun 2015. Idcloudhost mengklaim memiliki lebih dari 100rb pengguna, baik dari dalam maupun luar negeri.

Idcloudhostmengklaim menjamin kecepatan web server super cepat dan uptime yang lebih stabil. Hal tersebut karena Idcloudhost sudah tidak lagi menggunakan cloud klasik, melainkan cloud terbaru. Idcloudhost jugamengklaim bahwa ruang penyimapannya telahmenggunakan prosesor E5 Processor dan SDD.

Untuk hosting Indonesia, kecepatan rata-rata server IDCloudHost terbilang cukup bagus, yakni sekitar 881 ms atau di bawah 1 detik. Rata-rata uptime server IDCloudHost juga terbilang sangat tinggi yakni 99.85%, bahkan di atas rata-rata hosting Indonesia yang hanya 99.50%.

Selain memiliki keunggulan dalam kecepatan rata-rata server dan rata-rata uptime server, IDCloudeHost juga memiliki keunggulan lainnya. Adapun keunggulan-keunggulannya yakni sebagai berikut:

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Layanan Dukungan Sangat Cepati

Bagi pengguna pemula, layanan pendukung hosting itu sangat penting. Maka dari itu, memilih IDCloudHost sebagai web hosting adalah pilihan yang tepat. Karena web hosting ini menawarkan beberapa layanan pendukung, seperti: email, telepon, live chat full 24 jam, tiket, dokumentasi, dan video tutorial.

Selain itu, layanan pendukung web hosting ini juga terbilang cepat dengan rating 4/5. Fakta menyebutkan bahwa kecepatan layanan pendukung web hosting Idcloudhost masuk dalam daftar web hosting terbaik dan tercepat di Indonesia.

Free Domain Dan Migrasi Hosting

Keunggulannya lainnya yang bisa Anda rasakan denganmenggunakan IDCloudHost yaitu membantu dalam proses migrasi website secara free, bahkan ditambah diskon hosting 50 pers. Tentu ini Menguntungkan, khususnya bagi Anda yang tidak ingin mengeluarkan banyak biaya.

Fasilitas Backup Otomatis

IDCloudHost menawarkan fasilitas backup secara otomatis selain penyimpanan normal. Selain itu, IDCloudHost juga sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur JetBackup yang membuat proses backup maupun restore cukup dilakukan hanya sekali dua kali.


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